Monday, 14 January 2013


We're in this house. In the context of being asleep, it's the house of T's parents. In a different one, then I think it's a place where some half remembered relatives of mine lived. I'm not sure. There's a lot of people. I'm having this fraught conversation with T because he's been fucking this very posh girl. She's on Skype, the screen of the laptop on the bed, crying. I'm crying too. I realise I'm crying physically, actually. I can't remember if I'm alone. I would like someone to wake me, because I'm crying, but I don't know if anyone is there. In the dream, I make a conscious effort to cry harder. Then I'm in the garden. There's a few people - quite a lot. Dead relations, children, a small paddling pool. Clouds gather. When it rains then this substance won't be water. It will be some kind of acid, it will melt the flesh of everyone in the garden. I'm trying to make the people go inside, or under this kind of canopy that wasn't there before. No-one understands, because I'm crying too hard. I try tugging at some of the smaller children. Their parents become annoyed. I drag the paddling pool then because that will melt too, but it's super heavy and cumbersome. It's taking forever. A fat drop of "rain" falls on my arm.